Dolphin Waters Resort

Dolphin Waters Resort

Dolphin Waters - Tin Can Bay

Things to see and do

Some describe Tin Can Bay as a slice of paradise and we certainly wouldn’t disagree.

The lifestyle here is what you might dream of if you live in a busy town or city and many people who come here never want to leave so we know that you are going to enjoy your stay here

There is plenty to do while you’re here in Tin Can Bay and the list below is just the start.

Feed the Dolphins

– wild dolphins come into the bay every day to meet you and you can join the group that gathers every morning to feed them.


– bring your boat or hook up with a local fishing charter. The Great Sandy Straights are teeming with plenty of fish just waiting to jump on your line.

Golf and Bowls

– there are local clubs and you are more than welcome to spend some time enjoying your favorite sport.

Horse Riding on the Beach

– whether you’re a novice or an experienced rider you’ll enjoy the experience of riding on the beach at Rainbow.

Surf at Rainbow Beach

– just 20 minutes drive takes you to Rainbow Beach where you can surf or swim between the flags all year round.

The Foreshore Walk

– it’s a pleasant walk and you could meet 137 different birds along the way.

Bymien Rainforest and Nature Walk

– this walk will take you through towering rainforest vegetation and give you a glimpse of how hard life was for our early timber workers.

Caloola Wilderness Park

– easy-walking paths will take you over wildflower plains and into pockets of rainforest. You’ll even see remnants of the old logging railway that is said to have influenced the Queensland railways of today.

Drive on the Beach

– if you have a 4WD then head over to Rainbow and experience the challenge of some beach driving. It’s like nothing you will have done before.

There is so much to see and do in Tin Can Bay that you’ll need at least a week to try everything … but then don’t you deserve at least a week in paradise?
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